We put products in the hands of decision makers.

Stock Box is Australia's first product sampling service for independent retailers putting new products in the hands of decision makers. Our mission is to provide suppliers and manufacturers with a voice, and give retailers the choice on new products to the market.

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Retailers can register online for FREE


Stock Box is delivered to your retail business every 3 months


Open your Stock Box and try all the new lines with your staff


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Why sign-up to Stock Box?

As a member of the STOCK BOX program, you will receive new product samples delivered to your business for FREE every 3 months. STOCK BOX is free to join and there are no ongoing contracts. All we ask is that you try what's in the box, and provide feedback on each product via our online survey form, to retain your program membership. It is that simple!

Save Time

Spend less time looking for new products, and more time looking after your customers

Save Money

Lets us do all the leg work for you in finding suitable products for your business

Have your say

Give suppliers first hand feedback on product suitability for your business

Be informed

Don't be the last to know about new products entering the market anymore

Q. Who is STOCK BOX for?
STOCK BOX is for independent operators who run a retail business. You do not have to run multiple sites to qualify, however if you do have multiple sites you can register more than one site to this program. It is up to you!

Q. What do I need to do to qualify?
All you have to do is register. Your STOCK BOX will be delivered every 3 months with the latest products for you to trial. To maintain your membership you MUST fill in our online feedback form after each delivery to qualify for your next delivery.

Q. What happens with my feedback?
All member feedback will be collated with all other feedback, for use by suppliers in understanding product suitability for the channel and identifying potential distribution gaps. Your personal details will not be shared with any supplier.

Q. Does STOCK BOX negotiate terms ?
No! STOCK BOX only presents new products to the market. We do not negotiate your trading terms or the suppliers terms with buying groups or distributors. By doing what we do, we just make the decision process of product suitability easier.

Q. I do not have a convenience store. Can I still register ?
Right now we are focused on convenience, however STOCK BOX is an industry solution so we are looking at new channels to launch into all the time! By registering you will be helping us decide which channels to launch into next.

Q. How much does it cost ?
Nothing! STOCK BOX is a free service to independent retailers.

Follow the link below to register today.


Thinking that is outside the box

Why partner with Stock Box ?

STOCK BOX is an innovative new service designed to put your products front and centre with independent retailers. We know that 95% of all new products entering the market fail within the first 12 months due to time, money and resourcing issues. STOCK BOX is not designed to replace company marketing efforts, rather compliment them by putting your products in the hands of the real decision makers…RETAILERS!

New Line Launches

Get your products in the hands of retailers...fast!

Market Research

Find out if your products are suitable for the marketplace


Find out better ways of doing things from decision makers

Product Education

Let more people know what you have to offer

Blind Testing

Find out what retailers really think, before you launch

Q. How can STOCK BOX help our business?
In simple terms we distribute product in a box, so our service can extend to general launches, exclusive activity, blind testing, market research and product R&D. We deal with independent operators, and a lot of them, so we can give you efficiencies when it comes to insights, feedback and getting your products in the hands of real decision makers.

Q. What does STOCK BOX provide?
We provide retailers with only the best new lines every 3 months. Our retail members are required to provide feedback on each product in the box to maintain their membership, and it is this feedback and insights that present the biggest value to our supply partners.

Q. My product is not national, can I still participate?
Yes! While we distribute STOCK BOX to our national network, we also recognise that there are a lot of good products that are state specific. To service these niche lines we have an inner pack which goes into our box for this specific purpose.

Q. Does STOCK BOX service perishable goods?
No! At this stage STOCK BOX is only suited to dry goods and consumables that comply with the dangerous goods code (the ADG Code). We are currently working on a perishable solution for STOCK BOX so keep checking in on us.

Q. How many retailers will you service?
Because our program is compliance based we will always have a moving membership of sites coming into our program and sites going out. Our aim is always to have no more than 2,500 retailers in our program at any one time to maintain it’s exclusivity and allow our partners to budget accordingly.

Q. How much does it cost?
There is a fixed cost for the real-estate in STOCK BOX and then a flat distribution rate for each delivery. Optional services for feedback data and insertions are available. Contact us below for more information.

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What people are saying about us

"What a great idea! It's hard to stand out from the crowd when you have a new product. We know Meal in a Bottle is an awesome product however what's more important is that the retailer gets a chance to sample it! Stock Box give us the immediate distribution of the sample to key decision makers. Great idea, and we are happy to be in the first box!"

Aaron Zamykal
Founder of Meal in a Bottle

"The reality is that there are many new lines that are launched into the market each and every month and it is impossible for our business to see and screen every product in terms of suitability for our membership"

Alessandro Garofalo
The Distributors General Manager

"We have just found you in the C&I Retailing book. We are a country town store with a Lake that brings a variety of people on weekends. This is a great way to find new products that are going into the city shops. Thank You!"

Owner K Inder-Smith Chidlow Growers Mart

"It was nice being introduced to new products. Not all reps bring in samples, so with the STOCK BOX I can sample products and be up to-date. Thank You!"

Angela Boubaris

"I love the idea! It's a chance to try new products without purchasing a full box, and then realizing that it doesn't suit your business for whatever reason. Keep up the good work!!!!"

Dave Rust

"It was good to see products we are not familiar with. We are now looking to purchase some of them if our supplier brings them into stock."

David Burton

"It was great to receive STOCK BOX and our staff enjoyed trialling the products. It is a fabulous method of alerting us to new products. We will definitely source some of these to add to our range. Thank You!"

Gary Stoddart

"I like the concept of being able to get a feel of what new products are coming onto the market. Keep up the good work!"

Geoff Muhleisen

"This is a great idea as now there are products that I hadn't heard of that I can access from my suppliers. Thank You!!!!!"

Jann Boer

"STOCK BOX is great, I learnt of a lot of new products, some of which I may try to stock in our business."

Jenny Conlan

"This is the first one we've received and we loved it! Great to see what other products are available, and it also gives us some ideas for expanding our range."

Kristina Cowen

"I was really impressed with the variety of samples you get in the box. There are a couple of products I didn't know were available that I would like to stock in the future."

Lisa James

"We were really excited to see what was inside. We are looking forward to the next one, and hopefully we will stock one or two of the items that we tried. Thanks!"

Michelle Carney

"Fantastic way to get new products out to us. Looking forward to the next STOCK BOX, Thank You!"

Sandy Cirakovic

"I thought the box was great and the staff have enjoyed being a part of it as well."

Tracey Cook

What’s making news


Stock Box has joined forces with OzHarvest to ensure that surplus stock from the product sample program is not wasted. According to Stock Box managing director Craig Matthews, “When we set-up Stock Box, we knew that unless our partners were providing product in exact quantities, we would have surplus product… So, after the packing process was complete, the question would remain: what to do with any excess food products”. The partnership with OzHarvest – ensures that any surplus food items from the pick, pack and delivery process do not go to waste and are instead distributed to those in need.


Stock Box has just delivered it's first box into the convenience channel with some amazing results. Out of 732 drops into independent operators, we received an unprecedented 670 member feedback reports which delivered a 91.5% response rate. Survey results show that on average, 91.3% of members did not range some or all of the products in the box, and 48.6% of members were not aware of these products and their availability. The next Stock Box for convenience will go out in March and we will launch into Newsagents from April. Let us help your business grow in 2015.


Intermedia entered into a crucial partnership with STOCK BOX to launch Australia’s first product sampling service for independent retailers. STOCK BOX is an innovative new service designed to put products front and centre with independent retailers. We know that 95% of all new products entering the market fail within the first 12 months due to time, money and resourcing issues. STOCK BOX is not designed to replace company marketing efforts, rather compliment them by putting your products in the hands of the real decision makers.

"We are very excited to have Intermedia on board” said STOCK BOX Managing Director Craig Matthews, “as their presence and expertise across multiple business channels provides our program with a unique opportunity to present new products to businesses who might otherwise have never know what is out there or available to them. Our mission is to provide suppliers and manufacturers with a voice, and give retailers the choice on new products to the market, and with the support of The Intermedia Group, we will be able to deliver more new products to multiple channels."